Dump Trump

Dump Trump is a puzzle game to challenge your maze navigation skills and to give a subtle dig at Donald Trump at the same time. A bit like Labyrinth, a bit like a maze but with a twist: you can only move horizontally and vertically and can only change direction once all the aliens have stopped after each move

Dump Donald Trump back in his hotel, but don't let the Hilary Clintons in there. Make up your own levels in Free Play.

If you're stuck on a level see a replay of how it's done.

Compete in Game Center for achievements and high scores.

Available now for FREE at the App Store on iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch - click the image below

Dump Trump is available now on the App Store

Dump Trump is available now.


see the FAQ for hints tips and other help


An example level

example level

Creator mode - make up your own levels

free play

One of the more elaborate levels



See the credits to see details of the generous artists and sound makers whose creations were used in the production of Dump Trump

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